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Architectural Film : CQ Chrome

 CQ Chrome is a PVD E-Beam architectural tint with long fading durability. Nichrome is thinly-deposited on the film to minimize reflection while providing exceptional solar protection properties. It is more affordable than products of similar reflectivity and heat reduction in the industry. Users can lower energy consumption for air-conditioning during hot days with minimal shading of daylight.


Product Features

·       7-10 years of fading durability

·       Non-fading, no dyes added

·       Enjoy a cool and comfortable environment without a significantly darker tint

·       A lightly mirrored modern appearance from exterior

·       Affordable interior insulation solution with good shading coefficient



Specifications CQ Chrome 35 CQ Chrome 50
Visible Light Transmission (VLT) 36% 55%
Total Solar Transmittance 22% 37%
Total Solar Absorbance 56% 49%
Total Solar Reflectance 22% 14%
Visible Light Reflectance – Interior 26% 13%
Visible Light Reflectance – Exterior 30% 15%
Glare Reduction 60% 39%
Infrared Reduction (1000nm) 81% 68%
Infrared Reduction (1800nm) 95% 93%
Shading Coefficient 0.43 0.58
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient 0.37 0.5
Total Solar Energy Rejected 63% 50%
Ultraviolet Reduction (UV) 99% 99%


Architectural Film : CQ Dual-Reflective

Dual-Reflective films are the most popular type of architectural tint in many countries. CQ Dual-Reflective Series are a E-Beam Nichrome product (except CQ Dual-R50) with lower interior reflectivity. The exterior reflectivity is not only designed to maximize heat reduction, it also improves the aesthetic of the windows with a gun-metal colored appearance, instead of the traditional black or silver reflective outlook.

Product Features

·       7-10 years of fading durability

·       Metallized Nichrome tint with a reduced glare from interior

·       High Heat Reduction

·       Day-time privacy


Specifications                                                                       CQ Dual-R 15 Tungsten CQ Dual-R 35 Tungsten
Visible Light Transmission (VLT)     15% 33%
Total Solar Transmittance 21% 35%
Total Solar Absorbance 65% 51%
Total Solar Reflectance 14% 14%
Visible Light Reflectance – Interior 11% 11%
Visible Light Reflectance – Exterior ) 13% 15%
Glare Reduction 83% 63%
Infrared Reduction (1000nm) 72% 59%
Infrared Reduction (1800nm) 74% 62%
Shading Coefficient 0.44 0.56
Solar Heat Gain Coefficient 0.38 0.48
Total Solar Energy Rejected  62% 52%
Ultraviolet Reduction  (VLT) 99% 99%

Residential / Commercial Tint

 Why Consider Residential/Commercial Tinting?


In New Zealand we have some of the highest UV rates in the world, these are not only damaging to your skin but they also cause discolouration of your furniture and rugs, home window tinting can reduce UV rays by 99%.


With today’s living conditions pushing us closer and closer together, privacy can be hard to achieve unless you want to live behind closed curtains all day. Semi-reflective films mean you can maintain your privacy without losing views and natural light in your home


Window tinting transforms your normal glass into safety glass, film on windows can prevent many of the injuries associated with broken glass, this is a fantastic feature for people with small children. It is also a deterrent for intruders as glass becomes much harder to break.


Home window tinting conserves energy, as it decreases the heat that comes in from outside which reduces air conditioning costs in summer. There is also a slight insulating effect which will help keep heating costs down in winter.


Window tinting also has a decorative function that can make your place look better from the outside. Curb appeal is important to many homeowners, especially when you’re considering selling your home.


Reduce the glare in your home with window tinting. Window tinting will reduce the glare in your home and ultimately give it a more relaxing shade.


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