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What is the legal limit for the darkness?

Vehicles have different limit based on its type (e.g. sedan, SUV, VAN, .etc)
In common, front 2 windows must be done at least 35% VLT.
For rear windows:
A transparaent overlay applied to a rear window of a car (sedan, station wagon, hatchback, sports car or convertible) must have an overall VLT of at leas 35%.
All overlay fitted to a rear window of any other vehicle, including a stretch limousine and body transfer vehicle, SUV, RV, UTE and commercial van may be of any tint level.

Please refer to below link to NZTA Regulations for more information:
NZTA - Vehicle windows, wipers and mirrors


How long does it take?

For headlights restoration (2 headlights): minimum of 40 hour
For tint (sedan): minimum of 2 hours


Do you guys do on-site service as well?

As for Automotive Tinting, the service is available at our place.

As for Residential/Commercial Tinting, the service is onsite.

As for Headlight Restoration, onsite service is available as well with extra travel charges which is indicated in Headlight restoration section. 


What is the payment option available?

We accept Eftpos, Credit card and Cash. We do not take cheque.


What is the warranty?

As for Automotive film, we give customers with limited 10 years warranty

 - Filmtack Stable-Dyed

 - Rayno Phantom Ceramic Film

 - Ace Pro Premium Ceramic Film

 - 3M Colour Stable

 - Llumar Grange

 As for Residential/Commercial film, we give customers with limited 10 years warranty.

 - CQ Chrome

 - CQ Dual-Reflective